Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vegan Chocolate Orange Banana Ice Cream

Doesn't this look amazingly delicious? Well, it really is!! I don't know why I haven't made this flavour combination before (ugh), but I'm so glad I did now.

Chocolate and orange is just a classic combination that will never go wrong! Make it into an ice cream form and you're in for a real treat!! Not just any ice cream, this is Vegan & good for you (high-carb low fat as well yay!), perfect for breakfast (especially if you're into Rawtill4 / Raw).

And yeah, it's not Healthiecook style if it's not topped with gazillions (is that even a word? :p ) of toppings! I highly recommend you to do so too! Because it's incredibly delicious and colourful ;)


  • 8 ripe bananas, frozen
  • juice & zest of 1 small-medium orange
  • 2-3 tbsp coconut sugar (or other sweetener of your choice)
  • seeds of 1/2 a vanilla bean or 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • Chocolate Orange Sauce: 2 tbsp carob/cacao/cocoa powder, 1 tbsp coconut sugar (or other sweetener of your choice), enough orange juice to make a sauce consistency.


  1. Put the frozen bananas (cut into small chunks) & orange juice + zest, into a high speed blender/food processor. Blend until it turns nice & smooth, add in the vanilla & sweetener and blend again. (I don't add any water, but you can add a little if needed to help it blend).
  2. Make the sauce by mixing all the ingredients together until it forms a nice sauce consistency that you like, adding orange juice as needed.
  3. Scoop the ice cream into a bowl, top with your favourite toppings and drizzle the sauce! Enjoy!!!


  1. I don't usually like chocolate orange things- but this looks so amazing I'm going to have to try it!!!!!! And I love how your toppings make everything so colourful!

    1. YES PLEASE DO!! It really tastes amazing! Hehee thanks lovely! Rainbow toppings! <3