Sunday, May 24, 2015

Supergreen Detox Water

First things first, when I say detox, I mean detox. Which I think is about better digestion, good bowel movements, and not feeling bloated, and in some people's cases, clearing out toxins from the body. But the media these days advertise detox = weight loss, which is really quite sad..

This mixture really helps me when I eat not-so-good-for-you food (especially when eating out) and feel bloated/sleepy/tired. But I also find that drinking the mixture everyday in the morning right after waking up makes me feel more awake, and usually a few minutes after, I get a bowel movement!

Monday, May 18, 2015

VEGAN Bean Chili Veggie Rice

Rice and beans is probably one of the best rice combinations ever! Of course, lots of colourful vegetables added in for extra nutrients (and taste)!

I actually didn't know what a 'chili' dish is before I was active on instagram. A lot of my friends post this tomato-bean-kinda dish that is served with rice and they call it chili (I thought it was spicy because chili is… you get the idea :p) but turns out it's not, it's filled with beans, vegetables, spices, and tomato sauce (traditionally people add meat but NOT me hahah, vegan brah!)

Then I thought, why not just mix the rice into the dish? So that way you'll get an equal ratio of chili : rice in every bite! Life hacks! So good mmm...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Indonesian Style 'Fried' Rice (VEGAN, NO OIL)

Today I have a very special recipe for you guys!

I'm going to share one of my all-time FAVOURITE rice dishes ever! Which is 'fried' rice! But my fried rice dishes have NO OIL added (which is super awesome for high carb low fat vegans, or anyone really). Now, there are a lot of fried rice 'styles' out there, Chinese style (more savoury, garlic-cky), Japanese style (teriyaki sauce most of the time), and Indonesian style which is very popular (sweet, usually spicy but that's optional!). So! The first fried rice recipe that I'm going to share here is going to be the Indonesian style one! ;)

I used tempeh, broccoli, and mushrooms today but you can use anything that you want (leftover veggies work really well!). Though you should use tempeh for a more authentic Indonesian taste though! Either way works, because what makes this special is the SAUCE!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

PINK Beet Veggie Red Bean Rice

If you follow my blog/instagram, you'll probably notice already that I have a kind of obsession with vibrant and colourful food! And this dish is no exception! Rice never looked this good right?? ;)

For pink foods, I like to use beetroot for savoury, and pitaya/dragonfruit for sweet stuff! Both gives a really awesome colour boost and of course, nutrition! What are your favourite 'pink' foods?

Another advantage to vibrant, colourful food is it makes it really attractive and fun to eat (a good way to disguise vegetables!!), perfect for picky kids who hates veggies! This trick works really well with a lot of kids that I know of!

This dish is also a very well-balanced meal, lot's of rice to carb up! Vegetables for vitamins and minerals, and red beans for protein (vegans can get protein mmm has)!