About Me

Hello there!

I am 15 years old and I live in sunny Jakarta, Indonesia. I enjoy making vegan recipes that are healthy, easy, colourful, and of course, delicious! You can find recipes that I personally love here on this blog! I really hope you can try some of my recipes, I think you'll love them as much as I do!

I first learned about veganism through instagram. I was just casually scrolling and some pictures caught my eye. From there, I did my own research on veganism (animal cruelty, environmental impact from animal agriculture, health benefits, etc) and started my own journey of living a plant-based life. And let me tell you, it's definitely the BEST decision I have ever made in my whole life.

If you think that vegan food = boring/yuck/etc, then you're wrong! With a bit of experimenting here and there, you'll be able to make food that isn't only good for you (+ the animals & the planet! :p), but also tastes DELICIOUS (think pancakes, rice dishes, curries, chips, ice cream bowls, mousse, cakes, brownies, and so much more!). And I think I can help you with that!

Not just about the food, but I also love meeting lots of people along the way, who share the same love & 'beliefs'. It's amazing how so many people can connect together and share the love for a happy, healthy, environmentally-friendly lifestyle! I hope you can join me on this wonderful journey too! :D

Documentaries that I highly recommend you to watch about veganism:

(Animal Cruelty)

(Environmental Damage)

Have a great day!


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    1. 2-3 times a week (1 hour each time) of weight lifting :)

  2. is it hard to be vegan in jakarta? what are the difficulties that you faced during the transition to become a vegan in a country where veganism is not a common thing?

  3. you are so young! I'm so inspired to do my best to learn vegan cooking :) excited to try your recipes! x