Thursday, December 24, 2015

Creamy Tomato Rice & Garlic 'Butter' Roasted Chickpeas

First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!!! :) *tomorrowisChristmas!!!*

Here's a nice quote for you all:
"Christmas is not so much as opening presents, as opening our hearts!"

So, the story behind this dish...
I actually wanted to make this with pasta noodles BUT I only realised I'm out of pasta after I started making the sauce hahah, so I ended up using rice instead! And it turned out pretty good! ;)

And the chickpeas! Aaah, I think roasting is the best way to cook chickpeas! I also have another recipe for roasted chickpeas here.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Quick & Easy SWEET & SPICY Rice Bowl

Okay sooooo, I think it's time for a new rice bowl recipe!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately ahah, don't really have much time to cook on school days because I arrive home kinda late.. I think I can post a lot more during the holidays so stay tuned! ;)

This dish is SUPER easy & quick to make (like all my recipes :p), and tastes amazing of course! Also, you can adjust the level of 'spiciness' of this dish by playing around with the ratio of chili-tomato sauce. Feel free to use more/less of those to taste!

As usual, use whatever veggies/type of rice that you like/have on hand! For me, I used white rice, and broccoli + zucchini for the veggie part! I also added some beans because they're delicious & as a daily dose of protein haha!

Oh and, I topped mine with Indonesian sweet & spicy cassava chips (plus more after photo hehe), you can top yours with any chips you like or simply skip it! :)